Branson 2000t 1.5kw & 2kw

20 kHz Generator / Power Supply

Fully controllable with timing and reporting functions

Compatible with 2000 actuators

Branson 2000 bdc 1.5 kw & 2kw

20 kHz Generator / Power Supply

1.5kW 110v

2.2kW 240v or 110v

Very popular, dependable and easy to use.

Branson 2000 BDC HP

20 kHz High Power Generator / Power Supply

6kW with 3 phase supply

2.5kW with 240v supply

Very sturdy, dependable unit

Rack mountable

Branson 900 1.5kw & 2kw Welders

20kHz all-in-one stand alone bench welders.

Ideal for plastics assembly.